BLDC Motor Drive

AKT ‘BLSD’ Brushless motor driver are widely used in industrial robot, textile machine, PCB board cutting machine, CNC machine, pump, blower fan and other applications. We have several special designs and even use military conformal coating in PCB surface to ensure the drivers safe and super reliable.

• Surface mount technology, the circuit is more stable and reliable.
• We present industrial chips to meet industrial application temperature requirements.
• Two quadrant speed and current PID close loop control to achieve linear speed control, low speed but high torque, fan, pump and other torque control appications.
• Quickly setting the parameters and working modes by potentiometers and dial switches.
• Super reliable design with safe foreward and reverse, safe start, anti-interference, over temperature / over current / short circuit / under voltage / over voltage and other protections.
• It’s available to provides greater accuracy and more precise speed control in your applications by speed pulse output.
• Perfect measure of anti-interference to meet the industrial field requirements.
• Aim at three phases brushless DC motor’s general industrial speed control applications.
• HV Series drivers intergrated the optoelectronic isolation analog voltage / PWM / pulse frequency security interfaces to enhance the safety performance.

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